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GOLD: Coinex Inc.'s trading desk makes markets on all major bullion coins, grains (shots), bars and wafers in various sizes. Coinex Inc. also handles major precious metal refining.
GOLD BULLION COINS: Coinex Inc. buys and sells gold bullion coins ranging in size from 1 gram to those containing a kilogram of pure gold. We trade the world's most popular coins including Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian Nuggets, U.S. Eagles, Chinese Panda, Kruggerrands, Austrian Coronas and the gold coins of Mexico.
GOLD BULLION AND BARS: We buy and sell gold bars and wafers in a variety of sizes. Our diversified product line also includes such world-recognized hallmarks as the Credit Swiss and Pamp bars.
GOLD FOR STORAGE PROGRAM: Customers may purchase and store gold in our secure and insured facilities.
GOLD SCRAP: Coinex Inc. buys karat gold (and silver and platinum group) scrap for immediate payment. Coinex Inc. exchanges karat gold for 24 karat casting grain.

SILVER BULLION COINS: Coinex Inc. offers an extensive product line which includes the American Silver Eagle, the Mexican Libertad, Canadian Maple Leaf and the Australian Kookaburra.
SILVER GRAIN: Coinex Inc. provides manufacturers with .999 silver grain and .925 N/D sterling silver grain.

PLATINUM AND PALLADIUM: Coinex Inc. buys and sells virtually every major Platinum and Palladium bullion coins, as well as bars and wafers.
PLATINUM CASTING GRAIN: Coinex Inc. offers 95% Platinum mixed with 5% Iridium, 90% Platinum mixed with 10% Iridium, 95% Platinum mixed with 5% Cobalt, and 95% Platinum mixed with 5% Ruthinum.
ALLOYS: Coinex Inc. offers white, yellow, red and green alloys.

DELIVERY AND SHIPPING: Coinex Inc. will ship all metals through the United States Postal Service Registered Insured Mail. Special arrangements are made for overnight delivery.

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